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S. o. a.p.notes client name session type duration date soap for relaxation massage symptoms location/intensity/duration/frequency/onset s Goals for Session o Techniques Applied a Comments p Follow-up soap for medical massage insurance ID number date of injury modality type code current medications s Functional Goals activities a ected by condition Adhesion Inflammation Trigger point Tender Point a Resulting Subjective and Objective Changes Rotation Pain o Visual/Palpable Findings Modalities...
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So when we're talking about soap notes so s OAP that's something that a client more than likely won't know about that's something that you as a massage therapist or as a body worker is going to know about because that's what you're going to do after a client session that you're going to use to chart either their progress or how that session went and that's good for your own records as well as for liability coverage so know it stands for s being subjective o being objective a for assessment and P for plan that's pretty much the common for from what they stand for under subjective you're gonna want to put anything that the client tells you basically whatever the subject tells you so you know all the issues that they've been having you can put on there if they're male/female how old they are very much anything that they mentioned you would write in that spot objective or even observation you could also say it's gonna be something that you observe from the client so that can be from the moment they walk in the door from what you notice from them physically and also from what you notice from when they're on your table so you know if they have a hip raise or if you're noticing any kind of trigger points anywhere on their body you're going to want to make note of that they're a for assessment it's gonna be what you did to the person to treat them so basically like your treatment plan kind of the plan again gets to be like where they kind of run into each other a little bit but for the most part it's gonna be something like how long the treatment was what kind of treatment modality you used and then kind of going through you know different areas of the body that you worked on you want to be as thorough as possible in this section just so that if anyone were to look at this or reference this soap note like say a doctor or chiropractor or a nurse or someone else that's gonna be using these charts for whatever reason they would be able to thoroughly know what you did on that client so again just being as thorough as possible and then the another thing that helps with that too is looking up and you can find these online or in massage books are different symbols that are kinda shorten up your a part of the assessment so like different symbols mean different things and therefore you can kind of break up a huge long page paper into a short little paragraph that basically states the same thing for P it's gonna be your plan again this can be a plan for what you want to work on in the future for other sessions or what you want them to do for self-care when they go home and again you can put whatever you want here kind of how you want to write your soap note but just to make sure it's consistent through all of your clients plan can be anything from you know making sure that you're drinking water you know you told them that you want them to drink water stretches that you showed them that you want them to kind of go home and do or even something like you know maybe...